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Anne-Barbara Lenzin CeramicsAnne-Barbara Lenzin

I finished my studies as fashion designer at the College of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland and sold my collections in my own shop for a few years. After that I worked as a designer in wholesale in Basel, Bali and Hong Kong. The topic of clothes was soon too tight for me and as compensation I began to work as a sculptor and found my passion in the clay.


As an artist, I use my joie de vivre, my femininity, my spirituality, and the pleasure for colors.


I mainly work with ceramic materials, which I combine with wire and objects from nature. I don't want to call myself a ceramicist. I'm more an object and mosaic artist. I love to make inordinate intense ceramic installations with a contemporary or literary background. Again, and again small filigree and mystical figures appear under my hands. The experience of nature and the environment inspires my work as well as literary, political and ecological influences. Ultimately, it's about looking at the world from a different angle, not taking it so seriously, and triggering more magic, serenity, and joy. In the artistic process, I work my fascination with objects and installations until they transcend the boundaries of reality. Bringing joy and happiness to the viewer and putting a smile on his lips is my goal.


In 2018 I bought Casa el Ventorrillo and set up my life and my workshop in Andalusia. You can find my work on a tour and while relaxing in the large garden of Casa el Ventorrillo. Let yourself be inspired. 

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